Be Vocal

Opelika Power Services will provide you the absolute best voice services through our new fiber optic system. With reliable, crystal-clear service, you will capture each and every word. OPS phone features will allow you to stay in touch with ease.

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Fiber Optics Phones

Whether it is conference calls for business, or a group of friends getting together over the phone for the first time in years, Opelika Power Services wants you to have the best possible service.

When it comes to your phone, reliability and dependability are key. You can now have the best possible phone service, right here in Opelika. It is vital for the citizens of Opelika to be able to know that as soon as they pick up their phone, it will work, every time. There is no doubt where the call is coming from when 911 is dialed. There is no worry about your phone call dropping in the middle of an important call. Opelika Power Services is here for you when you need us the most.

With our new fiber optic system, Opelika Power can boast the clearest phone signals with the lowest amount of down time, the least amount of distortion, and the fastest connection rate. The amount of advancements that Opelika has made with the new fiber optic system puts us leaps and bounds technologically over some cities 100 times our size!

Providing Full Service Solutions

Opelika Power Services is now one of the top data providers in the country with the new fiber optic network. Combined with the proven history of great power services, Opelika is a great place to live and work.

Explore our new services and see how Fiber can make your life more enjoyable.

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