OPS one banner image

We are all ONE community,

ONE company, working together for ONE goal…

building a better future for Opelika!

Opelika Power is proud to introduce OPS ONE – the new name for all of the blazing fast video, voice, and data services you already love. Where everything comes together to provide One Network Experience. OPS ONE is the first community-owned fiber optic network in all of Alabama, giving Opelika the best TV, Phone and Internet services around. Stay connected to the ones you love with OPS ONE!


Video | TV

With OPS ONE video services you have access to a wide range of channels plus unique programming. Watch all your favorite channels and discover new ones. It’s all part of a bigger picture, with your very own apps, including Opelika Community Calendar, News Ticker, and Favorites. Never miss another movie scene or sports play with the transparent programming guide.


Voice | Phone

With OPS ONE phone service, you will capture each and every word crystal-clear. Whether it is conference calls for business, or a group of friends getting together over the phone for the first time in years, we want you to have the best possible service. It is vital for the citizens of Opelika to be able to know that as soon as they pick up their phone, it will work, every time.


Data | Internet

With OPS ONE data services you start with a connection speed over 100 times faster than traditional broadband providers. Downloads are virtually instantaneous, uploads are a fraction of the time, you never leave anything behind. It’s more than just faster internet, it’s home grown, Opelika innovation. Stop waiting on videos to load. Switch to OPS ONE today.