Fiber Optic Internet Is Here

Opelika Power Services data begins with a connection speed over 100 times faster than traditional broadband services.
Downloads are virtually instantaneous, uploads are a fraction of the time, you never leave anything behind.
It’s more than just faster internet, it’s home grown, Opelika innovation.

What is your speed?

How can faster internet help?

Faster Internet…

Can mean different things to different people. As a parent, it means that our children can access more information to further their education. Instead of waiting for an image-heavy site to load all of the different graphs and charts that show the student how everything works, we can offer our children the opportunity to learn more than ever before, faster than ever before.

As a college student, higher education means higher technology. Many educators and professors will require students to take tests online. Instead of having to worry about whether or not their computer will stay connected to the local wifi, or if a timeout will occur, you can relax and take the test you studied so diligently for without worry or concern.

As a business owner, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have a clear video conference call for once? With Opelika Power Services, you can do that everytime. No longer will you have to see your business partner’s face frozen and unresponsive while your internet lags behind. No longer will you be required to sit and wait during the delays of your presentation because the video has to buffer. Instead, enjoy the blazingly fast data stream provided by the fiber optic system of Opelika Power Services.

Experience the endless possibilities of fiber optics for yourself

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Opelika Power Services reaches throughout the City of Opelika! Contact us and let us tell you if our new fiber optic system can be installed at your address! Just click here if you’re interested!


Providing Full Service Solutions

Opelika Power Services is now one of the top data providers in the country with the new fiber optic network. Combined with the proven history of great power services, Opelika is a great place to live, work and play.

Explore our new services and see how OPS Triple-Play options can make your life more enjoyable.

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